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Visualizzazione dei post da Ottobre, 2018

Out of place

Paint and collage: The works explore the theme of displacement in terms of the difficulties caused by being separated by those individuals that are near to us especially regarding immigration. These are both collages and paintings made by juxtaposing and painting on different cut-out images and texts which aim to give a sense of disorientation to the viewer.                    'Untitled', collage 'Weight of destiny', collage 'Separation', collage and coloured pencil Paint and collage These pieces show the uncertainty and instability which turn the migrant’s world upside down. The fact that the figures are painted on surfaces you wouldn't expect an artwork to be (pieces of cardboard which are everyday materials) accentuates the sense of ambiguity and of being out of place. Paint on cardboard

Artists using collage

Franz West The collage method is an essential part in West's creative process. His work, often referred to as "Elegant clochard", is populated with fragmented figures taken from ads and other commercial sources, conscructed on pieces of cardboard and covered with coatings of thick industrial paint. West believed that "the postures adopted by models for the camera become more bizarre when they are isolated from their intended context". John Heartfield He worked in Germany and Checkoslovakia between the two World Wars and created p owerful political photomontages.   Martha Rosler Rosler's works, mostly  photomontage  are highly political and ideological as well. Christian Bonnefoi This artist makes collages with pieces of his own works and paintings, reassembling them to create original artworks.

How to activate an artwork

Activation task In a group of three, an activation project was carried out through recording and documenting with video the process of making a piece of art.  By documenting the process of creation we therefore activated the final piece, while a further activation was created by recording the final video from the screen of the cellphone where the original one was filmed, transforming it into  a video within a video and adding ambiguity.  Procedure The recorded process consisted of first applying pieces of masking tape onto a sheet of paper and drawing with very fast and unconscious gestures on them, then removing these to reveal what remained on the paper.  Link to the video on activation: Final piece resulting from the activation process: