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Visualizzazione dei post da Aprile, 2020

Human Identity and AI

Are digital surfaces making our physical identities invisible?  Is the concept of  an identity limited to the human being?   Can technology have an identity too? Two different proposals have been developed to explore these concepts, although  these can be united and seen as part of the same work. The works particulary address the issues of perception of the body and identity, in relation to Artificial Intelligence. Series of medium-sized “ fingerprints portraits/paintings”    These explore the loss and erasure of our identity: the exterior world and touch are increasingly related to the digital and virtual realm (instead of the physical one) and to the reliance of artificial intelligence- technologies which I see as not having a 'true' identity.  Through digital technologies, we are losing contact and feel of the exterior world.  The value of touch and feeling, which define our identities contrary to the “cold” technologies of AI, is explored through the use of the fingerprint