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Visualizzazione dei post da Aprile, 2021


  For the creation of the 'Intestines' series I  recicled previous collage works by cutting their background and re-assembled these to make entangled and fluid compositions. The compositions are inspired by an intestine shape,  reflecting the internal-external relationship of the body.                                                     Experimenting with arranging compositions: I attached small pieces of cardboard behind the extremities of the work so a space and interesting shadows are created between the piece and the wall. Final pieces of the series 'Intestines': Intestines 1 Intestines 2 Intestines 3  

Intestine compositions trials

Quick sketches using oil pastels on paper and acrylics on cardboard with different intestine compositions:  

Sculptures: work in progress

                                                            Process video:   First stage by assembling pieces of cardboard: I am working on adding more textures on the assemblage and I also started painting over the piece. It is taking a lot of time and effort as I need to look and consider it from different angles to make a balanced composition. Free-standing sculpture colouring and texturing stage:  Painting stage of the sculpture is taking long, working on finding different entangled body forms. Adding materials to create different textures, developing into a complex structure that is difficult to read Improve on this by cutting more defined shapes and using more colour contrasts   Couvering the free-standing collage with modrock/ plaster, followed by colouring the surface with acrylic paints:    documenting recent stages of making: