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Visualizzazione dei post da Maggio, 2020

Opening paper bodies

Inspired by historical fold out anatomy books,  which aimed at opening up the body- the viewer takes part in removing the exterior layers of the body. In this way and through the book-form, the work becomes interactive and tactile. Tactility, knowledge and playfulness are explored in these works- the interiors of the body are invented and focused on the tactile experience connected to the materials used. 'Knowe thyself' in the sense that through opening up the body you learn what is invisible from the outside.   Body made using tracing paper for the outer layer and cardboard Stages of the process: Open body created using cardboard paint, pen and collage:

Flaying body

Preparing surfaces: I prepared surfaces for paintings by covering mesh wire with paper-machè, which will become ‘sculpture-drawings’. Frottages: To develop my piece, I created 'frottages' of the surfaces of my house, which is representative of our being more in contact with our surroundings in the present situation of quarantine.   Our relationship with the place we live in takes on new meaning: I intend to express the idea that these surrounding surfaces become embedded in our skin, expressing how we experience everyday surfaces. Frottages: surfaces included pavement, kithen table, tables, walls, curtains, holes Here I show the process of drawing a figure on the surface with frottages The idea of using Frottage was inspired by Andrea Mastrovito's new project, who also used this technique recently to express the strong bond with our homes, responding to the quarantine situation.  Andrea Mastrovito, (no title), frottage, 2020 Flaying: I added pieces of paper wit

Material Experiments

Every day materials Home made materials: coffee, tea combined with glue and acrylic paints Initially experimenting with these to explore the materials and their tactile qualities Here I used the same materials I experimented with and combined them to create a heart shaped composition. From this I was inspired to create a sculpture which transformed into an hollow form. I made it using wire, paper-mache and paint. Drawing documentations:

Experimenting in small

Another way I experimented with the paper fold out book was by making very small harmonica books depicting 'carved' bodies- internal and external. In this way I was able to make many pieces quickly to experiment with materiality, gestures and the body