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Life-drawings: the female body

Line and gesture drawing Measurement Foreshortening Detail Structure Tone Surfaces

Beneath the surface: video project

Group video project Four minute group video reflecting on the theme "Beneath the surface" in terms of social networking and its effects on people's relationships.  Even though in my group (Connor, Natalie and I) we initially struggled to come up with ideas, we discovered that during the process of making, new ideas and possibilities presented themselves, also given by the editing stage of video-making. We divided our roles equally: while Connor provided most of the footage for the video and worked on the greenscreen and text, Natalie and I worked on the editing of the first and last part of the video, concentrating on sound and close-up effects. The video mostly reflects on how people today have numerous contacts and friends on social media, while in reality true friendship is rare. (This is made clear by the second clip of the video where an endless list of facebook friends scroll down in front of a face and in the end of this list appears the writing "