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Visualizzazione dei post da Dicembre, 2020

Photographic experiments and work interaction/performance

  I took several photographs with the final piece to show myself interacting and touching the artwork as I intended the viewers to also do. I focused on showing small fragments of my body, especially my hands touching and opening the work, so that the viewer is left confronting the piece and the interaction, showing the juxtaposition real/represented flesh. I enjoyed the process of documenting the work through a process between interaction, performance and staging through which a deeper link between myself, the work and the theme of the body was formed. These are some I believe to be the most successful from the photographs taken:      I particularly like this photograph even though the effect was unintentional and a surprise to me. I achieved it through taking a screenshot of a video of myself interacting with the work - which I made for the sole purpose of taking still images from it- and you can see different moments of the video blended in one single image which creates a 'tran

Opening torso abstract anatomy

Documentation of the making process: Composition trials over the mdf base: Combining the two surfaces to create one book:  the external opening is more robust and can be opened by the viewer without worrying about damaging the more fragile parts inside   Painting the interior body with black acrylic paint and assembling the various layers together:  Final piece and detail of layers: The piece was hanged on the wall next to the photographs documenting my interaction with the work for the final display: