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Visualizzazione dei post da Giugno, 2021

Sculpture documentation video-gif


Different arrangements of the sculpture piece

Working towards the final degree show: 'Internal Exposure' installation

  Installation plan: Sketch for installation plan showing multiple dimensional aspects, the idea is to represent the spiling out of the emotions and the deformation of the body   New collage piece   alternative to the previous Intestines works: -The piece is more sturdy and stable as I glued the separate figures on one large piece of cardboard from which I then cut out the unnecessary spaces. -The piece also includes a 3d element : I paper-mached a hollow shape made with wire and glued it on top of the torso of one of the figures. I then also experimented with adding string that comes out of this, to further extend the piece in the surrounding space.---I was thinking more about how to exend/project the work into the surrounding space as a way to metaphorically opening up the body in space- and to combine previous sculptural work with the flatness of the collage piece. As in my plan I included strings coming out of the works as a way to extend these in space furhter, I coated long