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Working towards the final degree show: 'Internal Exposure' installation

 Installation plan:

Sketch for installation plan showing multiple dimensional aspects, the idea is to represent the spiling out of the emotions and the deformation of the body

New collage piece
 alternative to the previous Intestines works:

-The piece is more sturdy and stable as I glued the separate figures on one large piece of cardboard from which I then cut out the unnecessary spaces.

-The piece also includes a 3d element: I paper-mached a hollow shape made with wire and glued it on top of the torso of one of the figures. I then also experimented with adding string that comes out of this, to further extend the piece in the surrounding space.---I was thinking more about how to exend/project the work into the surrounding space as a way to metaphorically opening up the body in space- and to combine previous sculptural work with the flatness of the collage piece.

As in my plan I included strings coming out of the works as a way to extend these in space furhter, I coated long pieces of string with paper mache which made me achieve a thicker and more corporeal effect. I combined these with the collage and sculptural pieces.

 I placed the new piece next to the previous collages I made, which I also arranged differently to convey a more organic display, which I see as all related and part of the same series


Working on the sculpture by combining the previously separate sculptures and adding the coated string to it, as if a tendril coming out of an orifice, this aims to convey a visceral, bodily quality.

A jumble of bones rearranged together.

Drawing piece:

Working on a new piece to include in the final presentation: it started as a large drawing made up of two sheets of A1 paper and developed into a cut out similar to the first collages but of a larger scale:

I used watercolour initially, which I manipulated onto the sheet of paper but largely did the composition by spilling and moving by itself. I then wotked onto the watercolour with charcoal, drawing figures I found in the shapes.

 drawing making process

Cutting the background:

              Displaying vertically works better because it resembles an intestine more

 working onto the drawing with different materials and dimensions: paper mache, glue, layered papers, cardboard, string, acrylics and pens.

preparing some elements to glue onto the drawing/collage piece: by creating layers with acrylic, pencil and watercolour onto tracing paper

Adding more 3d aspects through paper mache and modrock- creating a sort of relief, and adding more textures with cardboard

 physical tests in space with the piece:

placing the piece in the corner highlights the broken border between three-dimensional and two-dimensional:


Final installation display combining the sculpture and wall pieces:


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