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Visualizzazione dei post da Gennaio, 2020

Artist Influences- Lent Term

Michael Simpson My tutor suggested this artist to me at the start of the term. I find this artist works interesting for the stillness suggested by the paintings, the height of the canvas, accentuated by the depiction of ladders leading to a small opening in the blank wall. This height also brings a feeling of the possibility of falling, instability and risk of whoever will climb those stairs. (the paintings are connected to a historical fact, representing the lepers conditions if they wanted to participate in church services, they needed to do so through looking through a small opening on the wall). The absence of human presence and any kind of action is contrasted by the knowledge that the objects are there for human use and makes us question what is visible through the small opening or outside of the canvas itself, where the painting seems to lead our sight to. The fact that the paintings seem to take us somewhere we cannot see is what I find most fascinating of these works, the

Documentary drawing project: Military Academy

What happens behind the walls of a Military Academy? These drawings investigate what lies behind the walls of the Military Academy of Modena. The aim of the project was to show what is not usually visible from the outside since access in the Academy is restricted and photographs are not allowed. The drawings were made with pen and felt-tip pen on pre-prepared coloured paper. These are some of the pages and details from the project: Final display of concertina books containing the sketches: