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Visualizzazione dei post da Marzo, 2020

Final installation Plan and Description

Installation Plan and Description: In my final installation, my sculpture is hanging from the ceiling in a dark room with white walls and is lit in order to create shadows on the wall, where paper cut-outs of bodies are stuck, presented as if caged inside the projected shadows. In this way the installation effectively creates a dialogue between external/internal, structure/surface, real/intangible. Sketches for plan display: Final installation documentation:

Fluidity Drawings

I have started some new pieces where I draw the liquid surfaces in detail and I juxtapose them with drawings of the outline of the structures.  I am enjoying the process of difficulty of reproducing something liquid and shiny through drawing. In my final display I incorporate a collage of different images on the wall, showing different fluid surfaces deriving from my works, small glue and wire sculptures, photographs of the sculptures and drawings inspired from these.  These works show the process I have gone through this term, and a similar pattern between the different techniques.