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Different arrangements of the sculpture piece


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Artist books

Publication series 1 Harlequin and the Double 3 pieces centred on the theme of  tranformation and the double identity, through the study of the figure of Harlequin 1 :  Experimenting with different materials as well as the shape of a triptic piece, in order to show three aspects of identity and the gradual metamorphosis of a face, Plus, the shape of the standing work induces the viewer to turn the work around 2 :   A long trace of different sheets of paper stitched together reveal themselves in a whole figure once the piece is opened 3 :  An accordion structure book depicting a single figure on each side. It is intended as an illustration to the accompanying poem 'The Doppelganger' by Heinrich Heine. Both of the last two publications are comprised of two different painted sides, showing  the traditional character with his colourful suit and light spirit on the one side and his devilish side on the other, represe

Fragmented combines- Double identity/ nationality

Combining place and identity- the figure and the landscapes linked to its identity, through the use of the fragment and juxtaposition. Transparent surfaces: Creating juxtapositions by painting both surfaces of the glass with a figure and a place: Tape and paper: I have mainly used the process of painting by adding and removing paint, through the use of tape, in order to combine two different images and create layers. Using different mediums for the various layers, (pen, watercolour and acrylic paint) allowed to achieve an effect of transparency.     Collages: This process led me to create collages by destroying completed paintings of different landscapes, and combine them to create new compositions, which result contrasting and abstract. Before:  After   :

Multiple identity

Exploring the concept of multiple identity by working with multiple layers Paint on paper: Paint on cardboard: