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Visualizzazione dei post da Gennaio, 2021

Year 3- Term 2: Hybrid bodies

  I am currently using similar techniques and processes used last term to explore ideas of the troubled self in the context of transhumanism: I am exploring relationships between living and non-living states , reality and fantasy , playulness and a sinister edge , by creating images of human bodies which fuse with inanimate objects while making these works through a 'hybrid process ' made up of different mediums. I started by gathering cut images of human figures and various objects from magazines and then combined to make small original collages.   After, I further manipulated the magazine image by adding to it other materials and papers that I cut into different shapes I wanted, achieving different layers and materailities. I glued the collage onto a piece of paper and coloured the background with black pencil/ ink washes to create a sense of depth. In this first image (above) I also experimented with reproducing the shape outcome directly with different paper materials and p